Our People

All our VAs are talented, cost effective and motivated digital natives. Please contact us and let us know what are you looking for.

We can find the right VA for your needs.

English Tested

All our virtual assistants have been tested to meet the standard for business communication in English. In addition, we have constant training to help them improving their skills.

We create careers for bilingual professionals

We help bilingual professionals to complete their profiles with soft, digital, customer support, and e-commerce skills; increasing the availability of talented professionals.

Sharkhelpers Academy

We run our own virtual Academy where candidates and hires find curated content and learning routes to improve their skills in different areas.

Happy and well compensated assistants

Our collaborators have a competitive salary, free training, and a career development plan to reduce turnover rates. We want to build long-term relationships.

VAs List

Luigi M

Marketing Support Amazon

Marketing Specialist with experience in the area of Digital Marketing and Strategy. As Marketing support for Amazon I help the...
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Web Community Manager

Long experience in the digital design industry. I have experience in digital production, creating digital marketing strategies and market segmentation...
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E-commerce virtual assistant

High abilities when communicating in English and teaching it. Likewise, great attitude to interact with customers and people in general....
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Desk Support

Professional with experience in outsourcing and customer assistance in different areas. As a Desk Support I provide technical assistance and...
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Front End Developer

I’m a Graphic Designer from the Universidad Santo Tomás of Bogotá in Colombia, I'm focused on web development and photography....
catalina - E-commerce virtual assistant


E-Commerce virtual assistant

As an ecommerce virtual assistant I support the business with the product and research-based tasks, managing pricing and inventory, fulfilling...
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Cristian C.

Sales Support

I am an enthusiastic sales-oriented leader, with the ability to reach goals, work on metrics, key indicators, and projection of...
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Luisa B.

Administrative Assistant

I am a 29 years old graduated economist. As a administrative assistant I am the first point of contact and...
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Juan C.

Marketing Support Amazon

Professional in International Marketing and Advertising and International Business Management. As Marketing support for Amazon I help the marketing team...
Estefania- E-commerce virtual assistant


E-commerce virtual assistant

A professional with bilingual experience on ecommerce stores on Ebay, Amazon and Best Buy. As an ecommerce virtual assistant I...
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Amazon Copywriter

I perform Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Copywriting for Marknology. In other words, I do a lot of editing and keyword...
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Carolina A.

E-commerce virtual assistant

I am a high-performing, outgoing professional who gets things done. As an ecommerce virtual assistant I support the business with...
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Ana P.

Amazon IT Assistant

I am graduated from Modern Languages at the University. I consider myself as honest, helpful, reliable, patient, responsible, committed, and...
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Administrative Assistant

Educational Coach and English Teacher with a Degree in Modern Languages, with experience in Montessori Methodology and Virtual Teaching. As...

What Makes Us Special?

We help you find the right profile, we hire it for you, and share the responsibility of making it a productive member of your team in the mid and long term.
We provide the legal and organizational structure to find and retain qualified bilingual talent in Colombia.
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We care abou it
Do not spend time recruiting

We help you attract and test good candidates -English and other hard and soft skills.

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Share the cost of training

We help with the onboarding and ongoing training of your new VA.

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We mainly
Maintain Stable teams

To guarantee that the investment in training is cost-efficient and passed over new members.