From a traditional business to eCommerce with the help of a virtual assistant

This showcase is about one of our first customers and her struggle to keep her business afloat during the last 22 years, and it is also the story of many traditional entrepreneurs that have to change their business models to survive after pandemics. Sandra Shenker has been running a successful family business in Miami since […]

Sharkhelpers Earns Its First Review on Clutch

There’s no industry more global than e-commerce. It stands to reason that any successful e-commerce enterprise should leverage the best talent from all over the world. This is why Sharkhelpers began, to give our clients the widest possible reach and audience possible. Our team recently decided to receive reviews and feedback from our clients so […]

Maximizing productivity as an eCommerce agency advisor, a showcase for Ecommerce Partnerships

Since the pandemics, many companies have been more open to remote workers and outsourcing the service of professionals to support their companies. As a result, more companies are considering these services and raising interesting questions about their cost-effectiveness and the type of businesses that could get a greater benefit from outsourcing. From our experience, digital […]

Teleworking for SharkHelpers: Make yourself at home

Hi! My name is Mary and I was hired by SharkHelpers in the Virtual Assistant role to provide support to one of their major e-commerce clients: Marknology, Amazon Brand Accelerator (located in Kansas City, Missouri). Now, by saying “Virtual Assistant” you might think that this is a secretary role, but it isn’t. My main duties […]

Hiring virtual assistants making and saving money

During the last century, and even more, since the pandemic started, companies around the world were involved in hiring virtual assistants to continue growing and adapting their business model to the new world’s challenge. Here is where the protagonist of this reading takes place. The person behind this role has become one of the most […]

Sharkhelpers: Luxurious Choice Believe It Or Not

My Experience Working Like Virtual Assistant. There is always a fear when you start something new, even more when you are forced to do so. Remote work became necessary when the pandemic started, and long before it was probably a luxury for some people. Back in 2020 I had, what at the moment I thought […]

Scaling teams for ecommerce agencies, a showcase of Marknology

The pandemics and the growth of eCommerce in recent years have benefited many companies that may have experienced exponential growth in the last years. Although it is a very positive trend, it is also extremely complex and challenging because it means growing their operations and scaling teams and capacity. Having never-ending interviews with candidates, or […]