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Virtual Assistants

Ecommerce, Admin, Marketing, Sales and More

Trust us to connect you with Colombian remote experts who will drive results for your organization.

We provide services with from Colombia.

This is how we help you!

We provide personalized support and expertise throughout the hiring and onboarding process.
We care abou it
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Do not spend time recruiting

We help you attract and test good candidates -English and other hard and soft skills.

We care abou it
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Hire abroad with legal compliance

Don’t deal with payroll and compliance issues when hiring people abroad in Colombia.

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Share the cost of training

We help with the onboarding and ongoing training of your new team member.

We mainly
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Maintain Stable teams

To guarantee that the investment in training is cost-efficient and passed over new members.

Since our origin, at SharkHelpers S.A.S BIC we have worked under the objective of connecting, accompanying and supporting Colombian talent with job opportunities abroad; However, being in the middle has led us to understand that employability should not be the end of this objective, day by day we rethink it, and thus we understood that beyond a mission, we had a higher purpose that implied a continuous effort.

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Companies Supercharging Their Business With Our Remote Experts

We believe in building long-term relationships.

We can assist you in finding and hiring professionals in various fields such as graphic designers, marketing, sales, e-commerce, support, copywriting, content creators, social media management, community management, project management, executive assistance, administrative assistance, customer service, and more.


Our Secret Sauce

Our local support team in Colombia ensures smooth communication and collaboration, while providing legal contracts and employee benefits. We prioritize employee welfare and career development to foster a positive work environment that empowers your team.

Find and hire exceptional remote talent.

With our nearshore advantage, we connect you with super skilled professionals who have the technical know-how and cultural alignment to deliver results for your organization.

stable teams

Personalized Support and Expertise

We go beyond just connecting you with talent. Our local support team in Colombia provides personalized support throughout the hiring and onboarding process, ensuring smooth communication, legal contracts, and employee benefits.

Get language and cultural alignmnet

We connect you with professionals who are highly proficient in English. This ensures effective communication and collaboration between your company and your remote team in Colombia.

We are your partner for scaling your business in a sustainable way

Imagine having a team of dedicated in-house remote experts working tirelessly to address your company’s unique needs. That’s right, we’re here to supercharge your business and take it to new heights!

Pricing & profiles

Part time and full time options

Prices vary according to the level of seniority of the candidates. Please contact us to send you a quote base on your needs.

front & Back office

marketing roles

Tech & iT roles