BIC Society / BIC Company

We're now a certified BIC Society

BIC Society = B-Corp

Since our origin

Since our origin, at SharkHelpers S.A.S BIC we have worked under the objective of connecting, accompanying and supporting Colombian talent with job opportunities abroad; However, being in the middle has led us to understand that employability should not be the end of this objective, day by day we rethink it, and thus we understood that beyond a mission, we had a higher purpose that implied a continuous effort. on our part and involve our stakeholders; At SharkHelpers, contributing to the growth, evolution and transformation of talent at a personal and work level is what drives us and moves us every day to take our higher purpose to another level.

One of our biggest commitments we acquired when we established ourselves as a BIC company; This means that we voluntarily acquire the commitment to have a business model with a triple impact: social, environmental and economic, in this way we direct our daily actions to generate value for our stakeholders in 5 dimensions: business model, corporate governance, labor, environmental and community practices.


What is a BIC Company

The Commercial Benefit and Collective Interest Companies, or BIC Companies, are those Colombian companies configured as companies of a commercial nature, which voluntarily propose to combine the advantages of their commercial and economic activity with concrete actions to promote the well-being of their workers, contribute to the social equity of the country and contribute to the protection of the environment.

The five dimensions of BIC Societies are:

  • Business model
  • Corporate governance
  • Labor practices
  • Environmental practices
  • Practices with the community

Generating value from these 5 dimensions means that within our company we carry out processes that prioritize the contracting of goods and services with local producers, women, and minorities; In addition, we provide teleworking options for our talent, thus contributing to the conservation of the environment; and, finally, that we promote activities in favor of our close community, that add value and leverage social transformation.

Finally, we ratify that our conviction to work for society is linked to our vision and organizational mission, in this way we ensure that each of the members of our company feels represented and guides their individual action to contribute to the fulfillment of our higher purpose.

Management report 2023

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