Shark Helpers

Pricing & profiles

part time and Full times options

Prices vary according to the level of seniority of the candidates. Please contact us to send you a quote base on your needs.

Front & Back Office

Tech & iT roles


What is great about hiring people in Colombia

Highly skilled, trained and experienced talent, still undiscovered by international companies

Highly competent and qualified professionals at significant lower cost, without compromising the wage quality.

All our professional are talented, cost effective and motivated digital natives.

What is included

The candidate is hired by us

With an employment contract, competitive salary and all the benefits.

PC, internet & accessories

We provide PC’s and all the elements needed to work remotely.


We include 20 hours of onboarding in relevant topics for the VA performance.

Project manager

To make the relationship works, and that work is being performed as expected.

Safety and health

We monitor the compliance of occupational health standards.

Emotional Salary

We provide emotional salary and other strategies to keep the VA´s happy and motivated. We want to reduce the turnover rate.

*No long term contract required.
** No specific software license/tools included (CRMs, VPNs, Time Tracking, Adobe Suite, etc).

Our Process


We help you to find the most appropriate candidates from our database or through a new recruiting process.


Once you interview and choose the most appropriate candidate, we include this person on our payroll assuming all the labor obligations, and benefits.


We design a training path to help the candidate in understanding and fitting your role and provide other tools for the development of their skills in the mid and long term.

Follow up

We follow up and mediate the relationship with the VA using a one to one methodology, and prioritizing the human perspective.


We work hard on keeping them motivated to reduce turnover rates. We provide a safe environment for the development of their careers.