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8+ years helping our partners to scale the core areas of their companies.

We provide services with from Colombia.

Flat monthly Rate

A flat monthly rate that includes: recruiting, salary, benefits, onboarding, laptops, and accessories, employee follow-up, local support, welfare plans, and EOR fee. Free from duties, constraints, and ties, leading to effectiveness and cost savings.

Attract, recruit & retain the most exceptional Colombian talent

Discover a plethora of first-rate professionals who will bring their proficiency and zeal to your team. With our wide-reaching pool of talent, we'll help you find the ideal match for your company's distinct requirements.

Your own dedicated in-house virtual experts team

Envision having a crew of adept professionals working exclusively for your benefit. Our dedicated virtual experts are fully equipped to enhance your sales, turbocharge your marketing, and optimize your operations. It's like having an entire department at your fingertips!

Tailored team builder options for amplified results

Amplify the efficiency of your virtual team with our customizable team builder options. Whether it's training, team building exercises, or process optimization, we'll help you maximize their potential and attain exceptional results.

* We offer part-time and full-time positions allowing you to grow your team gradually.
** We can help you train and develop your own team’s capabilities.

What makes our talent so special?

With our tailored solutions, get ready to witness a remarkable transformation across your sales, marketing, management, and operations. Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all approaches and hello to strategic initiatives that drive real results!
We give you a legal ground to hire professionals in Colombia; giving all the benefits and stability that your team deserves.
English Tested

All our talent have been tested to meet the standard for business communication in English. In addition, we have constant training to help them improving their skills.

We nurture talent for digital companies

We help bilingual professionals to complete their profiles with soft, digital, customer support, and e-commerce skills, increasing the availability of talented professionals to support your company.

Sharkhelpers Academy

We run our own virtual Academy where candidates and hires find curated content and learning routes to improve their skills in different areas.

Happy and well compensated

Our talent have a competitive salary, free training, and a career development plan to reduce turnover rates. We want to build long-term relationships.

* Please contact us and let us know what are you looking for. We can find the right solution for your needs.

What is great about hiring people in Colombia

Cost efficiency

Colombia has a much lower cost of living than other Latin American countries, which translates into lower salaries for highly qualified professionals. Companies can hire engineers, designers, customer support agents, and other roles at a fraction of the cost than in the US or Europe. This allows companies to scale their teams in a budget-friendly manner.

Time zone alignment

Colombia is in the Central Time Zone, which is only two hours ahead of the US East Coast. This minimizes difficulties in coordinating work and scheduling virtual meetings. Team members can collaborate throughout the workday without significant lags or needing to work unusual hours.

Vast talent pool

With a population of over 50 million people, Colombia has a huge amount of talent to choose from. Many young professionals graduate each year in technical fields like software engineering, IT, and design. Companies have a vast pool of candidates with the skills and motivation to get work done.

High levels of education

Colombia has a strong education system, which produces a highly skilled workforce. Many Colombian workers have advanced degrees in fields such as engineering, computer science, and business, making them ideal candidates for companies that require specialized skills. Furthermore, Colombian universities have strong international relationships, which means that many graduates have experience studying or working abroad, giving them a unique perspective that can be valuable for remote teams.

Tech-savvy and digital-first

Colombia has a fast-growing tech sector, and new generations grow up with technology and have strong digital skills that translate well to remote work. They are well-accustomed to using collaboration tools and working across distances.

Strong work ethic

Colombian culture places a strong emphasis on responsibility, hard work, and a positive attitude. Remote employees from Colombia strive to overdeliver and meet tight deadlines. They are committed to doing quality work and achieving team goals.

Loyal and committed

Colombian employees tend to be loyal and committed to their employers. They work to build a long-term career with a company rather than job-hopping, which leads to lower turnover rates. The remote employees a company hires today will likely still be with the organization for years to come.

Cultural compatibility

Colombia has a rich cultural heritage, which has given its people a strong sense of community and social awareness. This means that Colombian workers are often highly skilled at communication and collaboration, which is essential for successful remote work. They are also generally very friendly and personable, making them easy to work with.

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We are your partner for scaling your business in a sustainable way

Imagine having a team of dedicated in-house remote experts working tirelessly to address your company’s unique needs. That’s right, we’re here to supercharge your business and take it to new heights!