Shark Helpers

Why Us

Eight years helping our partners to scale the core areas of their companies.

We provide services with from Colombia.

Our Model

Find & Hire

We help you find and hire the most talented professionals for front and back office support,marketing and IT roles.

Monthly Rate

A flat monthly rate that includes: recruiting, salary, benefits, onboarding, laptops, and accessories, employee follow-up, local support, welfare plans, and EOR fee.

Local Support

We provide local support with a people-first mindset, creating a positive environment to scale your team with a long-term view.

* We offer part-time and full-time positions allowing you to grow your team gradually.
** We can help you train and develop your own team’s capabilities.

What makes us special?

We help you find the right profile, we hire it for you, and share the responsibility of making it a productive member of your team in the mid and long term.
We give you a legal ground to hire professionals in Colombia; giving all the benefits and stability that your team deserves.
English Tested

All our professionals have been tested to meet the standard for business communication in English. In addition, we have constant training to help them improving their skills.

We nurture talent for digital companies

We help bilingual professionals to complete their profiles with soft, digital, customer support, and e-commerce skills, increasing the availability of talented professionals to support your company.

Sharkhelpers Academy

We run our own virtual Academy where candidates and hires find curated content and learning routes to improve their skills in different areas.

Happy and well compensated

Our collaborators have a competitive salary, free training, and a career development plan to reduce turnover rates. We want to build long-term relationships.

* Please contact us and let us know what are you looking for. We can find the right professional for your needs.

What is great about hiring people in Colombia

Highly skilled, trained and experienced talent, still undiscovered by international companies

Highly competent and qualified professionals at significant lower cost, without compromising the wage quality.

All our professional are talented, cost effective and motivated digital natives.

We are
sponsored by

various governmental organizations and colombian companies that believe in labor reconversion as an engine of change for the latin america progress.

We are your partner for scaling your team in a sustainable way

+8 years of experience providing top Colombian talent to e-commerce companies in the USA and Canada. We have experience providing specialized roles for Amazon, Shopify, and Marketing Agencies.