We provide services with from Colombia.
How can we help you?

We help you to find the most appropriate candidates, and then we hire them with a competitive salary, free training, and all the benefits. We provide a project manager to follow up their performance and coach to improve their productivity and motivation. Our value proposition is to find the best profiles to support your companies, so during the first weeks, we follow up to guarantee they are complying with their responsibilities and fulfilling your expectations. If that is not the case, we can provide a new virtual professional or you are free to terminate the process. So, you do not need to spend time recruiting or take unnecessary risks when hiring a new employee, we help you to get the most talented candidates and we take care of the legal and management details.

Do we have profiles available, or do we need to start a recruiting process to find an candidates for you?

We work in two ways; if you are looking for standard profiles like customer service, or executive assistant, we may have a suitable sample of profiles from our portfolio. We build this portfolio with outstanding profiles from previous processes that are interested in working for Shark Helpers but are still not part of our team of employees. 

The other way is when you are looking for specific profiles that are not available in our portfolio. In these cases, we start a new recruiting process to provide the most qualified candidates, and it would take about 2 or 3 weeks

How our fees works?

We charge you a plain fee that includes the VA salary, and benefits, pc, connectivity, project management, follow-up, emotional salary, and retention strategies. You don’t need a long-term contract, we charge you during the first 15 days of the period, renewing our relationship each month. 

Do we charge a retainer?

We do not charge a retainer fee, we establish a trust relationship and the cost of the recruitment process is included in our monthly fees.   

How is our recruitment process?

First, we clearly define the job description of the candidate you need, and then we publish it in our channels to attract candidates. When the candidates contact us, we test their English, soft and hard skills with our HH.RR team, looking for outstanding candidates with the qualifications, communication, and other skills required to fulfill the position. 

Do we have part-time positions?

We offer part-time or full-time positions. Part-time is equivalent to 20 hours per week, 80 a month, and full time is 40 hours a week and 160 hours per month. 

How much control do you have during the recruitment and selection process?

You have full control during the recruitment process, we just test and present the most appropriate candidates, and you can interview or do further testing to determine which candidates fit better with your company. 

How do we ensure that the candidates have the appropriate English level?

We apply automated testing and also one-to-one interviews to guarantee that our candidates have the industry standards for English communication. Most of our candidates are B2 or C1 according to the CEFR standard (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).

What type of compensation and benefits are we granting to our profesionals?

We hire through an indefinite employment contract, and we negotiate a competitive salary according to the skills and experience. This type of contract includes some basic benefits such as health plan, dental plan, retirement plan, paid vacations, holidays, sick leave, compensation plans, and severance for the welfare of employees. In addition, this type of contract also facilitates the employee’s access to loans and mortgages.  We also provide all the resources to work at home, including pc, accessories, and a bonus for connectivity.  In terms of emotional salary, we celebrate special occasions and make them feel part of a family, with presents, online and live events. 

Who is hiring and paying the profesional?

Shark Helpers is hiring all the candidates through an employment contract with all the benefits, and we are paying the payroll each month.