We work to have stable teams to guarantee that the investment in training is cost-efficient and reduce turnover rates. We believe in building long-term relationships.

Marknology - E-commerce agency

United States

Marknology; an Amazon Brand Accelerator that has been in the market for 7 years. They have been helping brands to succeed in Amazon, and as a family business, Andrew Morgans and his sisters Veronika and Brooklyn have been scaling their business to attend 220+ clients with all types of products.

Business Atelier - Financial advisor

United States

Business Atelier is a specialized firm founded by a couple of entrepreneurs who started a whole new process of developing a business. It is thanks to the experience acquired during this time that now they are able to help out other businesses to start from zero or improve their management in different aspects. 

E-commerce Partnerships - eCommerce advisor agency


Ecommerce Partnerships is an agency founded and led by a very charismatic Irish woman, based on her extensive experience as an eCommerce agency advisor. Rachel Jacobs has been working with several eCommerce and Shopify plus agencies and has been promoting electronic commerce first in Ireland, and also globally through her agency.

Sandra Shenker - Fresh flower importers and wholesalers

United States

This showcase is about one of our first customers and her struggle to keep her business afloat during the last 22 years, and it is also the story of many traditional entrepreneurs that have to change their business models to survive after pandemics.

Sandra Shenker has been running a successful family business in Miami since 2000.

Sharkhelpers earns its first review on Clutch

There’s no industry more global than e-commerce. It stands to reason that any successful e-commerce enterprise should leverage the best talent from all over the world. This is why Sharkhelpers began, to give our clients the widest possible reach and audience possible.

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0ur secret sauce is partnering with you in the process of finding and hiring the right people, onboarding, and keeping them happy and motivated.