I am Cristian C.

Sales Support

Profile & skills

I am an enthusiastic sales-oriented leader, with the ability to reach goals, work on metrics, key indicators, and projection of results; as a business management student, I have the ability to create, visualize, solve, and provide information and guidance for business solutions in different aspects.

As a Sales Administrator I manage the sales pipeline, processing leads and supporting all the team in closing them. I am making calls, sending emails, proposals, responding to objections, and dealing with contracts and invoices.

Fully bilingual
Excellent communications skills
Customer service oriented
Sales attitude
Tech savvy
Customer research
Email writing
Data analysis
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Sales Admin

Impeccable Pixe l
  • Used CRM system to follow up potential leads, generating appointments for Area Sales Manager and helping the team to close deals.
  • Identify and implement strategies to optimize the sales process.

Client success representative (Freelancer)

  • Managed marketing leads and guide them through the process of acquiring products from the company’s clients.
  • Supported customers as they did the transition from sales prospects to active users of the company’s products.
  • Created reports with customer statistics to measure performance and increase the value given to the company’s clients.
  • Provided support as part of the IT team, increasing customer satisfaction with the company’s products.

Official Representative

  • Learned necessaries leadership skills to work with teams in intensive training of 300 hours received in Lima, Peru.
  • Prepared weekly team meetings, coached, and did follow up to KPIs, it helped to increase motivation and performance in the sales team by about 20%.
  • Organized and lead teams of about 15 to 20 people to reach key performance indicators, doing it, performance was improved over 63% in assigned groups of persons.

Appointment Setter Specialist (Freelancer)

Sunbright Solar
  • Used CRM system to call, email, and text potential leads, generating appointments for Area Sales Manager.
  • Implemented coaching sessions with people who could affect the performance of the marketing department in the company.
  • Reached company’s goals and excel in the general performance of the company and the marketing department.

Advisor I, Technical Support / Sales Representative

  • Reduced turn-around time of closing customer complaints based in USA and UK by 80% and increased customer satisfaction rating by 10 points.
  • Exceeded customer service objectives by 15%, ensuring ongoing sales and high customer satisfaction levels; interacted with 15+ customers to determine individual needs and adequate product fit.
  • Consulted with business relationship executives and sales assistants to market products to potential customers; influenced sales revenue growth of non-durable goods by 20%+ and electronic goods by 30%.
  • Transferred to special UK tech support line thanks to knowledge acquired and 95% of effectiveness in resolving problems of customers in a low average time


Bachelor Degree in Business Administration

Brigham Young University - Idaho, USA
  • Entrepreneurship Certificate (Sep 2021).
  • Improve sales through persuasive selling skills.
  • Find, ask questions, highlight benefits.
  • Overcome objections, negotiate, and close services.
  • Manage accounting cycle and cash flow.
  • Create advanced professional spreadsheets.
  • Build proposals for small business ventures.

Other courses

  • Ecommerce Fundamentals – Linkedin Learning
  • Sales Pipeline Management – Linkedin Learning
  • Lead Generation Foundations – Linkedin Learning
  • Sales Prospecting – Linkedin Learning
  • Sales Closing Strategies – Linkedin Learning

Pathway-Connect Certificate

BYU–Pathway Worldwide


Play guitar