I am Leonardo

Backend Web Developer

Profile & skills

I have been doing software development for the last 11 years, since I was 14 years old. I am passionate about challenging my skills and knowledge every day. I love coding and solving problems. As a blockchain developer I help to design, implement, and support a distributed blockchain-based network integrated with e-commerce app/sites.

Smart contract and NFT
Python, Docker, PHP, MySQL
Strategy implementation
Leadership and teamwork
Time management
Project management


Blockchain developer

Fueled on Bacon - Shark Helpers
  • Using blockchain to create smart contracts.
  • Working  with the back-end infrastructure to receive payments and cryptocurrencies, and understanding how to develop smart contracts.

       Skills: Solidity and Ethereum.

Backend Developer

Great Buy PR

Develop solutions to offer promotions to more than 2000 clients in Puerto Rico based on user referrals and data captured from social networking and data analysis.

Skills: PHP, Python, Mysql, HTML

Backend and Blockchain


Offer solutions to innovate and implement blockchain in new business models for different companies in Venezuela that need to receive payments in Crypto Assets and store security.

Skills: Python, Docker, Redis, Postgresql

Backend developer

Backend Developer - Freelancer

Create solutions for more than 100+ clients around the world helping to bootstrap their business through digital solution improvement and automation of some task.


Blockchain and NFTs


Ingeniería de sistemas

Universidad Pedagógica y Tecnológica de Colombia


Mountain bike
Learning new things

Blockchain Experience

  • I worked for 2 years in a fintech in Venezuela using blockchain to create smart contracts.
  • The app is a system that allowed people in Venezuela to receive external crypto payments legally in the banks,
  • I worked with the backend infrastructure to receive payment and the crypto team.
  • I understand how to develop smart contracts in solidity, Solana, and Ethereum.
  • I have been learning about NFT.
  • I can do some front, specially in vue.