From a traditional business to eCommerce with the help of a virtual assistant

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This showcase is about one of our first customers and her struggle to keep her business afloat during the last 22 years, and it is also the story of many traditional entrepreneurs that have to change their business models to survive after pandemics.

Sandra Shenker has been running a successful family business in Miami since 2000. They are fresh flower importers and wholesalers for Florida and all the states and; specialists in weddings and events with the services of their talented designers.

Before Pandemics, they were using traditional channels and just an informative web page as a reference for their customers. They never expected a scenario without events and the possibility of having physical interactions with their customers. Nevertheless, Sandra was looking for a more appealing web page and requested our services.

We met in June 2019, and as a talent acquisition partner, we offered the services of a part-time virtual assistant to help her migrate her webpage to Shopify and other marketing tasks to promote her business. As many business owners dream of having a very appealing website, but they don’t have a clear concept or graphic assets. Then, having a virtual assistant to help her in the process; was the perfect solution for building her store from scratch. At the same time, she had the opportunity to rebrand her company as Key Biscayne Flowers.

When the pandemics came in 2020, she already had an eCommerce store, and social media channels with content and followers; and it was easier to put in place digital strategies to continue their operations. In addition, working together with a highly-skilled virtual assistant has allowed her to understand and adopt new tools and sales channels. Therefore, hiring the services of a digital native, with skills in marketing and eCommerce was a good solution for having a progressive digital transformation for her business.

After an initial period of creating digital channels; Sandra needed more administrative help. As a solution, we changed the marketing assistant for an executive assistant that could help her to keep accountability for her new business. This person would be also administrating her digital channels such as e bookings system, a Doordash account, Specialized Marketplaces, and a Shopify store.

It is rewarding to see the progress, considering that Sandra was used to traditional channels and a more conservative audience. An important part of this story is the cultural affinity, considering that Sandra is Colombian. It was easier for her to work with someone that speaks the same language and shares her cultural values.

This is a showcase of the digital transformation for the business and also for Sandra’s mindset. This process was facilitated by a set of talented professionals that could guide her in building alternative channels and implementing tools to maximize her productivity and reach. It is also a result of having in our team good people with soft skills such as empathy, patience, proactivity, and respect.

We believe that being partners, and having good communication and cultural affinity with Sandra, has allowed us to offer a service that is flexible to her needs, which is an important part of our secret sauce.

Our service is a cost-effective solution for small and medium-sized companies eager for specialized talent to guide their digital transformation, or simply scale their operations with good employees.

Have a look at Our People to see the type of professionals we currently have in our team and please contact our team, to start defining the type of people you want to have for your company.

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