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This blog post showcases the journey of our first customer who found success through virtual assistant help, a story that mirrors the struggles of many traditional entrepreneurs needing to adapt their business models in the face of pandemics.

The Journey of Sandra Shenker

Sandra Shenker has been operating a successful family business in Miami since 2000. Their business, Key Biscayne Flowers, specializes in fresh flower imports and wholesales for Florida and all states, and they cater to weddings and events with their talented designers.

Before the pandemics, they relied on traditional channels and an informational webpage for their customers. However, Sandra realized the necessity for a more attractive web page and sought our services.

Transforming Sandra’s Business

In June 2019, we offered Sandra the services of a part-time virtual assistant to assist with the migration of her webpage to Shopify and other marketing tasks. This move was instrumental in building her store from scratch and rebranding her company.

When pandemic arrived in 2020, Sandra already had an eCommerce store and social media channels bustling with content and followers, making it highly convenient to implement digital strategies and continue operations. The virtual assistant help she received allowed her to understand and adopt new tools and sales channels, thus facilitating a progressive digital transformation for her business.

Enlisting More Help for Administrative Tasks

After the initial period of creating digital channels, Sandra required more administrative assistance. Our solution was to replace the marketing assistant with an executive assistant who could manage her new business’s accountability. This executive assistant also managed her digital channels, including an e-booking system, a Doordash account, Specialized Marketplaces, and a Shopify store.

The Progress

It’s rewarding to see the progress made, especially considering Sandra’s initial reliance on traditional channels and a more conservative audience. The cultural affinity was an important factor in this success story since Sandra, being Colombian, found it easier to work with someone who spoke her language and shared her cultural values.

This success story is an excellent showcase of the potential of virtual assistant help, not just for business transformation but also for shifting mindsets. Our team of empathetic, patient, proactive, and respectful professionals made this change easier by guiding Sandra in building alternative channels and maximizing her productivity and reach.

A Flexible and Cost-Effective Solution

We believe that our partnership with Sandra, characterized by good communication and cultural affinity, enabled us to provide a service that was flexible to her needs. Our virtual assistant help is a cost-effective solution for small and medium-sized companies eager to guide their digital transformation or simply scale their operations with good employees.

Begin by defining the type of people you want for your company. Consider our team of professionals and contact us today. Keep in mind, that the assistance of a virtual assistant could be crucial to unlocking your business’s true potential.

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