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During the last century, and even more, since the pandemic started, companies around the world were involved in hiring virtual assistants to continue growing and adapting their business model to the new world’s challenge. Here is where the protagonist of this reading takes place. The person behind this role has become one of the most valuable parts of a business because it means that you will be saving time in daily tasks that are not producing significant profit. This type of role was not as popular as today and companies were risking a lot of hiring. What they never imagined was that this choice could bring big things to their industry. In the next lines, you will find how advantageous it is to have virtual assistants in terms of more profit, money savings, and a better work environment.

To start with, email management is a good example on how you can produce more profit, considering this as something basic about daily tasks. On a normal day, it might require you an hour or even two to get this done every day. It can be said that it is a $10 per hour job that you are doing. Yes! You are saving $10 per hour but, what about if you can delegate this labor to a virtual assistant? Instead of spending this time on it, You could use it for getting deals or sales. Just with this movement, you could be making $100 or $200 that hour, which means a profit of $90 or $180. Someone else can check your mail and reply to it. This employee can schedule your agenda and keep you updated on what is new about processes while you are focusing on producing more profit. This is just a fast view of how your time value increases and how you can make it more useful.

Now, moving forward to money savings, take into account some expenses you normally have when working from an office. The need to pay for office spaces makes the budget decrease more when you have collaborators. You need to offer commodities such as space, office equipment, insurance, coffee, compensations and all labor essentials that may be required to keep going on your way. So, having a virtual assistant allows you to maximize the use of your resources. You are double winning, less cost to pay for, more profits to invest or use on the road.

Last but not least, I want to remember Aristotle when he said: “pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work”. This makes sense when you are in your place and you are comfortable with it. You will increase your productivity even more than being at the office. Being familiarized with the environment makes you faster, more effective, and more efficient when referring to work. Besides, you avoid traffic difficulties, long distances to arrive at work, bad weather conditions, and all external factors that can affect your mood before starting to work. All of this can create an atmosphere that may not help to achieve all people’s goals with the best attitude. So, if you keep collaborators happy and with all conditions covered, you do not have to worry about how they are working as a team or how they are dealing with things. All focus will be on how they do their tasks and not if the transportation will leave them. This, at the same time, is reflected in team climate because they feel happy, calm, and not stressed because of doing things that might affect their work.

To summarize, we could say that far from being a waste of money, virtual assistants can become a resource that helps you to adjust to the new challenges that companies are facing nowadays. The more time you need for other important duties, the more you should look into the necessity of required help and trust in this person. It means that the value of their work is equivalent to the profit you will have once they are part of the team. You will use this time for making more money, saving more on your expenses and avoiding being worried about keeping an amazing work environment. These are just a few aspects to take into account when you are looking for improvement and moving forward with your business.

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