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Welcome to the dynamic world of social media, a sphere that has transformed how businesses connect, engage, and grow. The digital landscape is always evolving, and thus, the importance of hiring a social media manager for business is crucial. It’s a decision that can boost brand visibility, foster customer relationships, and drive revenue growth when executed correctly.

In this context, we introduce the social media manager—an essential player in this sphere. As the digital maestro orchestrating your brand’s online voice and visibility, they can be instrumental in shaping your business’s success on social platforms. They are strategists, creators, analysts, and brand custodians all in one, making them a vital hire for any business looking to make a mark in the digital world.

At SharkHelpers, we understand the challenges of finding the right talent. We’re here to help you in your search for the perfect social media manager, offering insights, advice, and expertise at every step. Let’s explore this together, shall we?

1. The Role of a Social Media Manager

Let’s embark on our journey by understanding the key figure in our narrative – the Social Media Manager. So, who is a Social Media Manager, often mistaken with a Marketing Manager, and why is their role so significant?

At its core, a Social Media Manager is the voice and face of your company in the digital realm. They don’t just post updates like a Social Media Content Manager would, they’re the strategists planning your online reach. They’re the creative minds who craft engaging content, the analysts deciphering data for valuable insights, and the brand ambassadors personifying your business values on various social media platforms.

In the dynamic landscape of digital marketing and community management, a Social Media Manager’s role becomes even more critical. They navigate the sea of constant updates, trends, and changing algorithms to ensure your brand is sailing smoothly towards its goals on every social media platform. They’re the ones ensuring your brand’s voice is heard above the online noise, and your message resonates with the right audience.

In essence, hiring a Social Media Manager is not just a step, it’s a strategic leap towards enhancing your social media presence and building meaningful relationships with your audience. It signifies the commitment to a robust social media strategy that goes beyond merely having a social media presence to actively engaging with your audience and building a community around your brand.

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2. How Much to Pay ?

When it comes to investing in the right talent for social media marketing manager roles, it’s essential to have a clear understanding of the financial implications. The salary of a social media marketing manager can vary based on several factors such as experience, geographical location, and the size of your company.

On average, in the United States, the base salary for a social media manager, which is one of the most in-demand marketing jobs, is around $57,322 per year. However, depending on the specifics, salaries for these social media jobs typically range between $50,000 and $98,000 yearly. If you’re looking for someone with a bit more experience, say over 15 years in the field, you might be looking at a median salary of $94,576, with the potential to go up to $154,000 in total pay.

Remember, these figures are for guidance and actual salaries may differ. The aim is to find the perfect balance between honoring your budget constraints and offering a competitive salary that attracts top talent. After all, hiring a social media manager isn’t just about cost, it’s about investing in the future success of your brand’s online presence.

3. Best Practices for Hiring a Social Media Specialist

As a business seeking to hire a social media specialist or a marketing coordinator with a focus on social media, consider these best practices:

  1. Clearly Define the Role: Understand and communicate the specific responsibilities and expectations for the social media manager role in the job description.
  2. Evaluate Experience: Look for candidates with solid experience in social media management, digital marketing, and content creation. Experience with social media campaigns is especially valuable.
  3. Assess Creativity and Strategy: Good social media managers are creative, strategic thinkers who can align their content with your business goals and social strategy.
  4. Check Communication Skills: Effective communication is key for interacting with audiences and collaborating with team members, making it a valuable skill for a community manager.
  5. Evaluate Technical Proficiency: Ensure your candidate is familiar with essential social media tools, analytics, and advertising platforms.

Improving Hiring Strategy for Social Media Candidates

To optimize your hiring strategy for social media candidates, we recommend these approaches:

  1. Social Media Recruiting: Utilize social media platforms to engage with potential candidates. Share content, involve your employees, and join relevant groups.
  2. Build Your Online Reputation: Highlight your company culture and values on social media to attract top talent. This is especially important if you’re offering a remote job.
  3. Engage with Passive Candidates: Use video content and personalized messages to connect with potential hires.
  4. Monitor Metrics: Regularly assess the effectiveness of your social media recruiting efforts. Your human resources team can play a vital role in this process.
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4. Essential Skills and Qualities of a Successful Candidate

Understanding the key skills and traits that define a successful Social Media Manager is an integral part of the hiring process. Let’s delve into these aspects.

Key Skills a Social Media Strategist Should Possess

A top-tier Social Media Strategist, skilled at managing your brand’s digital media presence, will have an array of skills up their sleeve. They should demonstrate proficiency in planning and executing a comprehensive social media strategy that aligns with your business goals. They need to understand the nuances of different social media channels and know how to tailor content effectively for each social media account. Equally important is their ability to analyze data, draw insights from engagement metrics, and adjust strategies accordingly.

But that’s not all! They should also exhibit a knack for content creation, crafting posts that resonate with your audience and reflect your brand’s voice and values. And let’s not forget the importance of staying updated with the latest social media trends and best practices.

Important Qualities of an Effective Social Media Manager

Beyond the technical skills, an exceptional Social Media Manager, a brilliant social media strategist, is also distinguished by certain inherent qualities. They should be a good listener, understanding audience needs and responding appropriately. Strategic thinking is crucial, allowing them to align social media efforts with overarching business goals.

Creativity is a must, enabling them to generate engaging content and campaigns that enhance social media engagement. They should also be empathetic, understanding how to connect with followers on social media accounts and handle customer inquiries with compassion and care. The ability to stay cool-headed under pressure and manage crises effectively is also essential.

A successful Social Media Manager should also maintain a keen focus, efficiently juggling multiple platforms and tasks. Finally, they should be reflective, learning from both successes and failures to continuously improve their social media strategy.

5. Industry Standards for Salaries

Navigating through the sea of talent acquisition, you might often find yourself wondering about the industry standards for Social Media Manager salaries. It’s a fair question and one that requires us to delve a little deeper.

In this market, the salary of a Social Media Manager can vary based on several key factors. These factors could range from a candidate’s experience, the geographical location, and even the size of your company. But don’t worry, as your trusted talent partner, we’re here to guide you through this!

On average, in the United States, the base salary for a social media manager is around $57,322 per year. However, depending on the specifics, salaries typically range between $50,000 and $98,000 yearly. Now, if you’re looking for someone with a bit more experience, say over 15 years in the field, you might be looking at a median salary of $94,576, with the potential to go up to $154,000 in total pay.

Investing in the right talent is crucial, and every penny counts. Striking the perfect balance between honoring budget constraints and offering a competitive salary that attracts top talent is essential. Hiring a social media manager isn’t just about cost, it’s about investing in the future success of your brand’s online presence.

It’s worth noting that companies can save money by hiring in nearshore locations. For US companies, a good alternative is Colombia, where the salaries for a social media manager range from $32,000 to $45,000 yearly. This can represent significant cost savings while still ensuring access to high-quality talent.

Remember, at SharkHelpers, we’re passionate about helping you navigate these waters. We’re here to support you every step of the way, providing professional, empathetic, and knowledgeable guidance.

6. The Importance of Hiring a Good Social Media Manager

A competent Social Media Manager doesn’t just manage your social media accounts; they are the digital maestros who orchestrate your brand’s online voice and visibility. Their role is pivotal in enhancing your brand’s awareness and driving sales.

By creatively and strategically engaging with your audience, they can create a positive brand image that resonates with your customers. Their targeted and effective social media campaigns can convert prospects into loyal customers, thereby boosting your sales.

Staying updated with the industry trends is also an integral part of their role. They keep tabs on the ever-changing algorithms and trends, ensuring your brand stays relevant and appeals to the evolving needs of your audience.

Remember, hiring the right Social Media Manager is an investment in your brand’s success. They play a crucial role in shaping your online presence and connecting with your audience.


As we’ve explored, a social media manager is not just about posting updates, but rather about crafting strategic and engaging content, analyzing metrics, and personifying your brand values across various platforms.

Their role in boosting brand awareness, driving sales, managing multiple platforms, and staying updated with industry trends is pivotal. Investing in the right talent, thus, is not just a cost but an investment in the future success of your brand’s online presence.

At SharkHelpers, we understand that every company is unique, and so are its needs. Our commitment to supporting your talent acquisition endeavors is rooted in our professional expertise, empathetic understanding, and a shared passion for your business goals.

Ready to set sail? Schedule a call with us today to learn more and hire the social media manager your company is looking for.

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