My Virtual Assistant Experience Journey: Embracing Change

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There is always some apprehension when embarking on a novel venture, particularly when it’s a necessity rather than a choice. With the advent of the pandemic, remote work, including the virtual assistant experience, transitioned from being a luxury to a requirement for many. In 2020, I was an English teacher and guide at a Montessori School, a role I believed to be my dream job. However, as the pandemic hit, my role transformed completely into a virtual assistant experience.

Suddenly, I found myself conducting virtual classes for kids aged 2 to 12 years old, coordinating times with other teachers, and dealing with an increased workload despite a decrease in salary. As the school year drew to a close, an opportunity arose. It involved continuing to work remotely, but not in the field of education. A company from Puerto Rico was searching for a bilingual remote worker to be part of their team, opening the door to a new virtual assistant experience.

The New Venture: Stepping into the Unknown

Accepting this new role was a leap of faith for both parties involved. I was the first remote employee that Business Atelier would hire, and they put their trust in my experience in customer service, my professionalism as a teacher, and my potential for a rewarding virtual assistant experience. Despite having no prior experience in a business consulting, tax, and accounting firm like theirs, I was eager to learn and contribute.

This journey of working remotely, of immersing myself in the virtual assistant experience, proved to be an enriching one as I realized my capabilities in this unfamiliar role, with the constant support from the team at Sharkhelpers. The pandemic brought about significant changes for companies worldwide, and for Business Atelier, it led to the hiring of their first remote employee.

The Role and Responsibilities: A Learning Curve

As the sole remote worker initially, my responsibilities began to increase. Even though I managed to keep up, the workload started to get overwhelming for the time I had available. As the company grew, the need for more remote workers became evident. Consequently, the company decided to continue providing opportunities to Colombian talent, leading to a team of four Colombians emerging in Puerto Rico, all sharing the virtual assistant experience!

The Unexpected Journey: From Teaching to Remote Work

I had never envisioned myself working for a company like Business Atelier in such a diverse role. My background in Education, specifically language teaching, seemed far removed from the tasks I was now handling. However, it was this very diversity, this virtual assistant experience, that made my experience so fulfilling.

I started with 4 hours a day in the first month, which increased to 6 hours. I also had flexible schedules that catered to my entrepreneurial ventures. During this time, I learned about the company’s various projects, and administrative tasks, and had the chance to interact with the passionate owners of the business, all while honing my virtual assistant experience.

The Shift in Work Landscape

Looking back, the initial fear of starting something new, especially when necessitated, seems familiar to many around the world who transitioned to remote work, including the virtual assistant experience, during the pandemic in 2020. Sharkhelpers stands out as more than just a company. It is an exceptional group of talented individuals who genuinely contribute to their employee’s well-being, providing opportunities for young people to start their professional journeys and improve their personal lives through the virtual assistant experience.

In today’s world, remote work, including the virtual assistant experience, has become commonplace, with many excellent opportunities available. However, what sets Sharkhelpers apart is their concern for their remote employees, providing not just the necessary equipment but also emotional support to ensure optimal performance. While working from home was once considered a luxury, today it is the norm. However, the privilege of working with Sharkhelpers and having a rewarding virtual assistant experience is a luxury in itself.

So, are you ready to explore the world of remote work with a company that truly values its employees? Come, join us at Sharkhelpers and experience the rewarding journey of working in a diverse, supportive environment.

Start your journey with Sharkhelpers today!

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