How to use top nearshore talent as a competitive advantage to scale my company

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Nearshore talent is a well-known secret available for all companies in the era of remote working. This alternative way of talent management provides companies with the necessary talent without sacrificing their budget, allowing them to grow quickly. If you are not familiar with this term, it implies hiring people or outsourcing services in countries located in close proximity to similar time zones. Having a remote team in this modality of hiring allows you to expand your team’s capabilities, with diversified talent that otherwise would be impossible due to cost.

In this blog post, I will describe some of the benefits of nearshoring your team, in terms of competitive advantage.

The Usual Ones

Nearshoring offers three basic benefits when compared to offshoring starting with geographical proximity and time zone compatibility. Managing the same time zones allows you to engage with your team during regular business hours and have real-time conversations. You can have a more effective workflow when having your team connected, better communication, and improve the quality of deliverables. Nearshore countries also have a similar culture, mindset, and language, three elements that affect your day-to-day conversations, and for instance the performance of your team.

Cut off the hidden cost of hiring an employee

Nearshore companies provide the equipment, and facilities, and in some cases also de onboarding and training are provided. That means that you don’t need to spend time having an office station for that employee, buying a pc, or even paying internet and electricity bills, and other common expenses to run an office.

On the other hand, you avoid having your own human resources people or department and all the cost associated with recruiting, hiring, and managing an employee. Having an employee implies a legal process, and if you want to maintain this collaborator comfortable and happy it also increases the cost and administrative load. So having a nearshore partner cut off all these associated costs, becomes a competitive advantage.

If you are concerned about social justice issues, most of these partners provide the best conditions and benefits, and the saving is just possible due to the lower cost of living in nearshore locations.

Access to a larger pool of experts

No matter if you are looking for an Executive Assistant or a blockchain developer, having a larger pool of candidates will allow you to get the top resources, which will also bring greater value to your business. Nearshore partners are expert recruiters and have a more diverse portfolio of candidates compared to the ones you could access or attract at the local level. If you are in technology or marketing you can have an extra boost in attracting top professionals.

Greater Efficiency

If you are offering digital services or products, a nearshore partner can help you to access a whole team of professionals based on your specific needs. The result is a faster response time, increased productivity, staying ahead of the competition, and making it possible to launch your projects within the right time frame. Even if you are looking for the most basic support, having the chance to build a team within a one-month time frame is a competitive advantage that increases your operational capacity with no extra cost and no risk. Hiring people entails labor responsibilities, so keep your operation light and free of risk by using a nearshore partner.

Focus on your core business

Nearshore outsourcing helps you focus on critical areas of activities and business instead of having to spend time on a repetitive or very complex task that could be done by an expert. The traditional paradigm of hiring people makes us very shy and precautious in the moment of deciding that a new member is needed to support your operations. Nevertheless, under the conditions and rates of nearshore partners you can afford to bring the help you urgently need to stop developing different roles in your organization. Outsourcing frees up your time so that you can concentrate on what matters.

Acquire scalable and flexible resources

Some partners offer part-time packages, so you can start gradually to get the support your company needs. Most of the nearshore partners don’t ask you to sign a long-term commitment, and you have a guarantee of satisfaction to get the best professionals, so you have scalable and flexible resources. If your business is growing faster, do you have the flexibility and resources to respond with your team? Having a partner gives you that flexibility, and you can even save money.

Many other companies are using this competitive advantage to diversify their workforce.

If you need extra help in your company, schedule a call to meet a nearshore partner willing to help you scale your business

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