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As time goes by, companies grow meaning that the need for constant improvement arrives, recruiting more talent gets more demanding, and time management becomes crucial. Remote working has definitely become an advantageous tool for companies around the world, and at the same time, it requires more time to find new talent that can truly benefit the company at a steady pace and continued support.

Colombia has become the third-largest workforce in Latin America, and we have proudly started to make part of this community. As an outsourcing company, we have learned that just getting the talent for our clients is not enough, so we have developed time-saving strategies that will benefit both parties. You don’t want to spend a big percentage of your time recruiting, performing basic administrative tasks, worrying about keeping a strong and comfortable talent, and even onboarding from zero, instead, we do all these time-consuming tasks for settled businesses that really need the time for the business-based priorities and are in the process of sustained economic growth. We help you out with these demanding and necessary responsibilities, which we have turned into our company’s everyday fuel.

The following is an information gathering for you to have an idea of how we can help you out with these demanding and necessary responsibilities, which we have turned into our company’s everyday fuel:


We count on a recruitment team that will help you optimize time and the cost of hiring. We have developed a rewarding screening experience that helps us speed up our evaluation process. Candidates screening is what takes most of the time: checking resumes, making calls, filtering skills, and written and face-to-face interviews. When we touch base we would have already done all this process for you, a few profiles will be selected in order for you to decide which would be your best option, and as a result, you will have found and hired someone without a lot of effort.

Administrative assistance

When you hire new staff, you have to start worrying about all the legal processes it takes to maintain an employee comfortable and happy, adding that this also increases your internal expenses, and adds more burnout. So if you choose to work with us, we will save you all these legal requirements to have an employee, all you will need to worry about will be what they will be doing to support your company.

Human resources functionality

We count on specialized human resources professionals that are constantly caring for our talent, providing at the same time psychological support and dynamic activities that make them feel like part of a team that not only works but also has the chance to feel like a family. For example, we celebrate their birthdays, and national and international special dates by joining on a video call, or even setting up contests where they can win prizes and feel motivated to continue.

Onboarding progress

All our team is continuously feeding our company virtual library about roles we have already received on our radar and possible ones that might come. We provide our future candidates with tools that can benefit their progress within the role they are chosen to perform. Our goal is that they get a good grounding in their future roles before starting to have direct contact with you. We have had other cases, for example, when the staff has been asked to get certificated in a certain area, we also try to guide them with the best strategies so they can approve and continue giving their best. We try to keep up on every process the best we can, we can assure you!

All previous things considered, we point out the Hiring costs. Hiring includes a big team that is definitely necessary and helpful but does not generate any profit. A hiring team may vary from $3,500 to $5,000 per month, and the recruitment process may last between 15 to 33 days, so imagine if you could save this to your profit margin, and not only save money but also time. We take care of all this, it is through time and dedication that you can invest in more meaningful aspects for your company’s growth until we get to the final stage for you to just select the best option. There is no additional cost for this process, you just pay for the hired talent.

Our goal, in essence, is to be of great support for marketing agencies in their process of growing, helping them save money and time, and providing them with quality and efficacy.

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