Driving Success: Embracing Purpose in Talent Acquisition

Talent Acquisition

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In today’s competitive business landscape, finding and nurturing talent that aligns with a company’s purpose and mission is crucial for long-term success.

Celina Nogueras, a Purpose Driven Latina, Financial Educator, and Co-founder of Muuaaa Design Agency and the financial education platform Jefas & Jevas, understood this challenge.

In 2023, Celina partnered with us, to find exceptional individuals who not only possessed the technical skills but also shared the vision of growth within her companies.

Finding the Perfect Fit

The collaboration between Celina and us began with a shared belief that hiring talent willing to invest in their personal growth would contribute to the sustained development of her brands.

Guided by SharkHelpers’ Talent Acquisition team, a comprehensive process was implemented to identify the best-suited candidates for Celina’s ventures.

In April 2023, the first SharkHelpers talent joined Muuaaa Design as the Community Manager. This strategic addition aimed to infuse the agency with the essence and characteristics of SharkHelpers, aligning the team with the company’s vision.

The initial challenge of conveying the unique traits of SharkHelpers talent within the agency gradually transformed into positive feedback, fostering a stronger and more cohesive work environment.

Empowered by the positive impact of the first SharkHelpers talent, it became evident that expanding the team within Celina’s second venture, Jefas y Jevas Platform, was the next step towards achieving greater heights.

Just two months after the initial hire, a second SharkHelpers talent was brought on board, strengthening the financial education platform and its mission to empower women.

Talent Acquisition: Unleashing the Power of SharkHelpers

Shark Helpers has been instrumental in assisting Celina in building teams that embody her vision for growth, purpose, and long-term commitment.

The partnership with us has not only provided Celina with exceptional talent but has also become a catalyst for driving her businesses forward.

Celina Nogueras’ collaboration with Shark Helpers has resulted in the successful acquisition of talent that shares her vision for growth and longevity.

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By partnering with Shark Helpers, Celina has discovered a powerful resource that identifies exceptional individuals and creates an environment where they can thrive and contribute to the success of her businesses.

Embrace the transformative power of purpose-driven talent acquisition with Shark Helpers and witness the positive impact on your brand’s future.

Are you a business owner or entrepreneur searching for extraordinary talent that aligns with your company’s purpose and mission?

Look no further than Shark Helpers.

We understand the significance of hiring individuals who are not only technically skilled but also committed to personal and professional growth. Join our community of forward-thinking leaders and unlock the potential to take your brand to new heights.

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