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In a very competitive market for talent, attracting the most talented professionals becomes a limitation for many companies that struggle to keep their employees and attract new talent to scale their business. In addition to that some industries from the creative and digital side, get a greater challenge to find local qualified talent at affordable rates. In recent years, the rise of remote work has widened the alternatives and pool of talent available for these companies, leaving another scenario where it is difficult to choose among the multiple alternatives.

In this blog post, I will describe how we can help scale your agency, and the advantages of hiring remote workers and outsourcing the payroll and management of your team in Colombia, a country with the third-largest workforce in Latin America.

You may probably have been going through the process of recruiting new members for your team and understand the struggle of finding good candidates. Never-ending interviews with not qualified candidates or very high salary expectations are common scenarios for companies and entrepreneurs.

1. Qualified Workforce

So, the first benefit of scaling your team with our professionals is that you can diversify your workforce and have access to people with talents you may not be able to reach in your geographic area.

Training technical talent is a key focus of the Colombian government. Colombians can access free training and programs in the skills demanded by the market, and young people are very interested in studying, so about 30% start a career in higher education (technical college or university) In addition, The number of bilingual people (Spanish-English) in Colombia has increased by 1.3m, and 5.000 English speakers annually enter the labor market offering a workforce capable of providing services on both a regional and global level. It is very common to find very young people with higher education and specialization studies, eager to find job opportunities according to their capabilities.

2. Good People

Colombians workers are also well known for being good workers, energetic, good problem solvers, creative, quick learners, and very friendly. Most of our customers feel it is a real pleasure to have our collaborators in their teams. So, it is also a matter of soft skills and cultural values.

In Shark Helpers, we also prioritize soft skills and attitude, and our process is centered on identifying responsible and hardworking employees. We will also be on your side to follow up on the response and performance of our employees, which is one of the weak points of hiring freelancers. With our services, you are safe because we follow up on performance, and we would not hesitate to terminate an employment contract if an employee is incurring unethical behavior.

3. Lower Cost

Hiring your team members in Colombia you have a significantly lower cost for each full-time employee. The average package of compensation is about $30,468.00 USD, which is lower than the cost in the United States ($89,362.00) and Europe ($57,937.00).

In the case of a Marketing Specialist, according to salary.com the average salary in the USA is $73.000, and can easily go up to $90.000. Nevertheless, if you want to include this employee in your payroll the cost is even higher, considering mandatory employment costs, and benefits, and can be from 1.2 to 1.4 times the salary.

On the other hand, the cost of hiring a Marketing Specialist in Colombia, through our services goes from $36.000 to $42.000 /year, including the compensation package and our services.

4. Find and hire new employees without effort

As a company, our core is talent acquisition and development, so we can help you to find good candidates for your marketing roles without spending time and resources running your own processes, or trying to find freelancers. Our group of recruiters is constantly scouting and testing candidates, and they know how to find very competent, qualified professionals with the English communication skills that you require.

In addition, with our services, you have an employer of record who is also taking care of the welfare and stability of your team. We have a whole team to deal with payroll and administrative issues, as well as team leaders, psychologists, and occupational health and safety professionals to treat your team members as they deserve. You just hire our services, and we will take care of everything else.

5. Don’t take risks when hiring people abroad

Remote working is great, but we all know that it is not easy to find reliable employees, and you have to take a lot of risks in the process. Hiring freelancers can be a frustrating process, having the possibility of being ghosted, and finding someone who’s difficult to communicate with and gives vague responses to your questions. In addition, freelancers are not as loyal as full-time employees, and they are often on different projects at the same time.

When hiring our services, on the other hand, we establish a relationship as legal entities. We are your partner to mediate in the communication, guarantee the performance of your collaborators and keep healthy communication channels and good practices. We follow up that the employees have enough time and energy to complete your tasks and working hours, and in the case of full-time employees you have a dedicated collaborator.

Finally, you avoid legal and tax difficulties when hiring freelancers in Colombia. Labor and tax regulations are complicated, and you may incur compliance issues when hiring without a local legal entity. The services provided by freelancers are not regulated here, so they won’t be able to issue an invoice or legal document for their services to your company, causing problems to legalize the payment.

Shark Helpers is a legal entity that acts as an employer of record, and we can issue a legal invoice for exporting our services, facilitating the process of hiring professionals to grow your marketing agency.

Don’t take unnecessary risks, or spend money and time trying to attract the best candidates for your marketing-related roles; our services have been designed to help you grow your business in a sustainable way. We cover all the life cycles of scaling your team, from recruitment to retention; and we have been specializing in digital services and eCommerce.

Discover more about our services and the type of profiles you can hire with our help in the section Our People, and schedule a call to discuss your needs and start the process of scaling your business.

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