How to Hire a Marketing Person: Roles and Top Skills

How to Hire a Marketing Person Roles and Top Skills

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Hiring a marketing person or a customer expert without:

  • Investing countless hours in the recruitment process
  • Making profile mistakes due to not defining the right skills
  • Spending a fortune to have the qualified talent your business needs on your team.

Is there a way to achieve this without going through all that? 

You can do it, and that’s why we’re here.

Simplifying the recruitment, hiring, and talent retention process is our greatest strength. So, here are some valuable tips from our people.

Before contacting a digital marketing professional

Defining your needs before embarking on the search for a remote expert is the first step in finding the perfect candidate.

You can connect with competent professionals who are agile and share your brand’s values when the recruitment process is efficient.

An effective recruitment process begins with identifying exactly what you want.

It’s easier to create a precise job description when you ask yourself what areas of your business you want to strengthen, what you want to enhance. You need to:

  • Improve social media engagement?
  • Optimize your email marketing campaigns?
  • Build a strong customer service team?
  • Increase visibility on search engines?
  • Optimize post-sale support and complaint management?
  • Ensure your online store is ready for key dates like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or Easter?
  • Find a professional to delegate certain tasks?
  • Employ a bilingual virtual assistant who can handle both customer service and marketing tasks?

This is a great way to hire the right marketing specialist without feeling overwhelmed during the process.

So, before hiring a marketing professional, start by identifying your specific challenges and goals. This will allow you to make more focused and strategic decisions.

Top marketing skills to hire

Marketing profiles are abundant, and with new technologies, market changes, and user behavior, new professions are emerging in this field. The same goes for the sales and customer service sector.

However, many professions share skills, and many professionals strive to learn and even master several of them. For example:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is arguably one of the most sought-after specific skills, and it’s one of the top 5 e-Commerce growth strategies.

It’s a sure bet in any marketing strategy and is incredibly useful for organic visibility in search engines.

SEO can be applied to websites, blogs, eCommerce platforms, and social media platforms like YouTube, TikTok, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and more.

A digital marketing expert with knowledge of SEO can help you incorporate this powerful tool into your content strategy.

For specific web positioning, we recommend more specialized profiles.

Marketing analyst

The Digital Marketing Analyst leads the planning, execution, and analysis of online advertising strategies, aiming for effective short and medium-term results.

They are the masters of numbers and the helm of digital tactics!

The goal of hiring a professional with these skills is to make every dollar invested in marketing count and boost your business’s growth.

This skill is crucial when you want to implement or improve promotion strategies.


Creativity is the heart of digital marketing and a non-negotiable skill. A creative expert has the ability to develop innovative and engaging ideas that capture your audience’s attention.

Their fresh and original ideas are the spark that ignites memorable campaigns that stand out in the digital world.

Mastery of Social Media (those relevant to your strategy)

In terms of content generation and online advertising strategies, this skill is extremely important.

Fortunately, there is a large group of professionals who master this skill, so incorporating it into your team won’t be difficult.

Writing Skills

Words have immense power in the digital world. A well-crafted message resonates deeply, and that’s what every company should aim for in its communications with its target audience.

The art of writing well will never go out of style.

Digital advertising or online campaigns

A digital marketing expert with knowledge of setting up and managing online advertising campaigns will help you optimize your campaigns for great results.

Leadership and communication skills

These skills are essential for interacting with your customers, formulating effective strategies, problem-solving, and the cohesive operation of remote teams.

Marketing specialists you can hire

Once you have clarity on your needs and the skills you want to incorporate, you can start exploring specific marketing roles or profiles.

Here’s a list of digital marketing professionals you could hire:

Marketing manager

The Marketing Manager is the chief strategist who oversees all marketing activities.

Their expertise brings a comprehensive vision of strategy, campaign coordination, and resource optimization.

Digital trafficker

These specialists know how to drive traffic to your website or platform using online advertising strategies like Google Ads or Facebook Ads.

Their goal is to maximize visibility and conversions by directing your audience to the right place.

Hire remote designers

Designers are the digital artists on your marketing team. They create stunning visuals that capture attention and effectively convey the message.

Designers help your brand stand out in a visually competitive world.

On the other hand, a specialized user experience designer can help you create a visually friendly interface, which can influence user retention.

Hire copywriters and content writers

These professionals are experts in creating persuasive and engaging content.

Their writing skills are crucial for generating relevant content that attracts and converts customers.

Hire video editors

The ability to transform ideas into captivating visual content is key to promoting products or services. Video converts more effectively than images.

Digital project manager

This profile is the conductor of digital projects.

They coordinate teams, set deadlines, and ensure that everything is in sync. Without them, project execution would be chaotic.

Specialized eCommerce profiles

Many professionals, not necessarily linked to marketing, have experience in the eCommerce sector.

Such profiles are useful for improving online stores, internal logistics, customer support, and more.

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Web analytics specialist

Data is the foundation of modern marketing. Web analytics specialists interpret data, generate reports, and provide valuable insights for decision-making.

Influence marketing specialist

This is the strategist behind collaborations with influential online personalities. It can be a crucial profile when you want to take your campaigns to the next level.

Customer services representatives

Although not a digital marketing profile, customer service professionals often develop various marketing and sales skills.

Hiring customer service professionals improves retention and strengthens the brand’s reputation.

Hiring a marketing professional through outsourcing

In today’s world, hiring a marketing specialist no longer requires you to limit yourself to the physical boundaries of your company.

That’s right; outsourcing remote talent has become the most practical and efficient option, especially when it comes to creative profiles.

So, what are the advantages of hiring the profile you need through a staffing agency?

  • Rigorous selection

Staffing agencies have rigorous selection processes to ensure that only the best professionals join your team.

  • Time savings

Searching for and hiring a marketing professional can be a lengthy process. Staffing agencies simplify this process by conducting the search, selection, and skills validation for you.

  • Access to specialized talent

You have the opportunity to access a wide network of highly skilled marketing professionals without the limitations of local hiring.

Not convinced yet? Perhaps you should consider breaking 7 myths about hiring remote talent.

  • Flexibility

You can easily adapt your marketing needs according to demand.

If you require more support at certain times of the year or for specific projects, a staffing agency can provide you with temporary professionals.

  • Efficiency

The agency takes care of administrative aspects, allowing you to focus on your core business.

  • Cost reduction

Hiring a full-time employee entails not only a salary but also benefits, workspace, and other associated expenses.

Outsourcing marketing personnel through a staffing agency allows you to control and reduce operational costs without compromising quality.

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