Outsourcing Colombian Talent: High-Quality, Lower Costs

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Hiring Colombian talent through our Company will significantly help you save money. If you take a look at the following information per role, you might be able to tell that this means good savings for you and more profit per year. The following are some of the average costs per year for some roles in the United States. These final prices might depend on, for example, the level of education or time of experience, other skills the candidate might have like other languages fluency, and expenses such as bonuses, commissions, or tips.

Some references

According to salary.com, glassdoor.com, and ziprecruiter.com, we found that:

  1. A Copywriting Creator’s salary ranges between $69,000 USD and $73,960 USD.
  2. The Salary for an Account Manager varies between $64,465 USD and $87,017 USD.
  3. A Marketing Strategist makes between $58,520 USD and $63.861 USD.
  4. A Social Media Manager is estimated to make around $71,117 USD or $73,766 USD

Considering other employment costs and benefits that might come along the way by law or merits, the previous process might vary from 1.2 to 1.4 from the salary.

Advantages when you hire us

Taking into account the previous information, here are the advantages when you hire with us:

  • You save time and money with the recruitment process (we take care of it by giving you the final candidates that were already evaluated to be interviewed for the role)
  • Our roles range between $1,900 USD and $4,500 USD a month (between $22.800 USD to $54.000 USD per year).
  • Your Company’s profit will increase.
  • The workforce in Colombia brings more benefits to your company, you will realize the quality and enthusiasm that our recruited staff will provide you.

What is included in our fees?

  • Our fees include Health insurance, workers’ compensation, and a Retirement fund for each employee, so you don’t have to worry about this. We ensure our collaborators receive all the social benefits that, as Colombian citizen workers, are entitled to by law.
  • According to Colombian law, every six months, each employee receives a bonus by having a legal contract with us, and it is something we also take care of.
  • We also provide technological equipment to our collaborators such as computers and accessories like headphones and/or a mouse.
  • Our project managers and human talent staff are constantly following up on each collaborator’s process to support them both professionally and emotionally.

All things considered, besides saving time on some administrative processes, your company could be saving, taking into account the workforce, between $10,000 USD to $33,000 USD per year. Besides, In IT equipment you can also be saving around $3,600 USD per year. Consequently, your company might be saving between $13,600 USD USD to $36,600 USD per year, which you can use as backup money, or hire new talent that you will require to keep growing or scale your company’s team.

If you want to know more about our services schedule a call at https://calendly.com/sharkhelpers

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