Shark Helpers: Finding and Hiring the Top ten most in-demand professionals for remote work in 2022

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The Pandemic revealed the potential of remote working for improving workers’ lives and was the opportunity to experiment with the effects of working from home on productivity and company performance. This experience triggered the great resignation in 2021 when employees realized that they were not tied to geographic boundaries to find the job of their dreams and the holy grail of work-life balance was closer than ever.

Many companies evolved to take this trend, and remote work is here to stay. According to a work report, 25% of all professional jobs in North America will be remote at the end of 2022. This trend also created the opportunity for hiring anywhere in the world, and some industries have been more proactive in providing flexible work to win the competition for the best talent. Even if most industries have been implementing remote work, digital and disruptive companies and start-ups have been leading this path, raising the demand for digital and IT skills.

These are the top ten most in-demand freelance and remote jobs in 2022, according to Flexjobs.

Executive Assistant

This is the top search, as companies are eager for reliable workers to support their operational and administrative tasks. Responsibilities include ensuring that clients have a productive & satisfying experience, managing calendars, managing email inboxes, and assisting with project management & organization, and generating documents.


Hiring the best staff member is also a priority for companies that are creating their own HR capabilities. Responsibilities include managing the full cycle of recruitment, screening talent, interviewing candidates, presenting candidates to other departments, create and maintaining job postings on company websites, among others.

Customer Service Representative

This is an entry-level role required for almost any company, and is responsible for keeping your customers satisfied and informed. Responsibilities include responding in a reliable and knowledgeable manner and engaging with customers through calls, email, and live chat.

Accountant or staff accountant

This other essential role, is responsible for reviewing financial statements and preparing reports to help make informed decisions about the future of the business. Responsibilities include handling month-end close, reconciliations, audit preparation, preparing payroll, and keeping track of all the payments, expenditures, and disbursements.

Graphic Designer

This is a creative job essential for digital and traditional companies and is responsible for creating distinctive visuals using various means of technology. Responsibilities include creating and designing materials for print such as product catalog layouts, brochures, and trade show materials, or for the web such as website banners, product images, website imagery, and social media posts, among others.


Selling requires stories and good copy, and this role is also very popular is responsible for creating a variety of written content to support the company’s communication strategy. Responsibilities include writing and editing website copy, creating a blog post, and preparing e-newsletters and press releases, among others.

Social Media Manager

This role is responsible for representing a company across social channels as the sole voice of the brand. Responsibilities include implementing and managing social media strategies, overseeing campaigns, and creating content.

Marketing Coordinator

This role is assisting in implementing the company’s brand strategy while developing new initiatives. Responsibilities include handling logistics for marketing campaigns, product launches, events, and strategic partnerships, conducting research on market trends, customer behavior, and competitor landscape, and preparing reports by analyzing and summarizing data, and communicating campaign objectives, timelines and deliverables to sales teams.

Project Manager

Another role in demand, and is responsible for planning, organizing, and directing the completion of projects, while ensuring they are on time, on budget, and within scope. The details of the responsibilities and skills required depend on the type of project and company.

Business Development Representative

This role is responsible for generating new business accounts by qualifying leads and prospecting to engage with potential buyers. Responsibilities include research, lead generation, cold calling, cold emailing, networking social selling, and qualification of leads.

Even if some of these positions are entry-level jobs, their demand is showing their relevance for digital companies, supporting their logistics, financial, marketing, and sales, and ensuring the successful delivery of their products or services.

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