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Hi! My name is Mary and I was hired by SharkHelpers in the Virtual Assistant role to provide support to one of their major e-commerce clients: Marknology, Amazon Brand Accelerator (located in Kansas City, Missouri).

Now, by saying “Virtual Assistant” you might think that this is a secretary role, but it isn’t. My main duties are to edit, proofread, and optimize (SEO) copy for Marknology’s multiple projects (clients) in (USA). In other words, I’m the grammar lady looking for typos, bad syntax, and lack of proper punctuation. I also do keyword research to improve the searchability and visibility of the product listings in Amazon’s search engines to enhance traffic and sales.

SharkHelpers itself is a great place to work. The main office is located in Armenia, Quindio, however, you can work from home and their team is really helpful in answering all your questions as well as providing guidance from a Human Resources perspective. They offer a good salary and employee benefits such as health, retirement plan, paid training, and other incentives like birthday and special occasion gifts (meals). All team internal communication is handled through Slack or email, so you’re always in touch with the gang.

I highly recommended being part of the SharkHelpers team. It’s a great job opportunity, especially for someone looking for the comfort of a remote job, you know, work in your pajamas. Besides, if you are a digital marketing or e-commerce professional, or if you have some experience in these areas, you’ll definitely want to join the SharkHelpers crew and its cool work environment full of young striving people that also take time to relax after the shift to play Bingo.

SharkHelpers will always be by your side as your best friend. They will look for a solution to your requests, and bring answers to your questions and doubts. Even though they are always busy, they will set aside some time for a virtual meeting just to hear what you need to say and provide the explanations you are looking for.

So, make yourself at home, and don’t worry if you need software or hardware. SharkHelpers is always willing to send you any technical equipment you might require for your daily tasks, from a laptop to a Microsoft Office license, free of charge.

All this to make you feel valued for all your hard work because SharkHelpers employees are Shark Helpers’ best asset.

At this point, I suppose you might be asking yourself if this is the right job for you. In my case, I’m just hoping my testimony has been useful to you and that you’re still awake. Are you? Maybe you still have some questions that I didn’t answer above. If that’s the case, I suggest you contact the Shark Helpers team today to clarify all your doubts. Their phone number, email address, and social networks are shown below for you to call, send a message or explore. Now, it’s your turn buddy!

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