The Manifest Highlights Sharkhelpers As One Of The Most-Reviewed Claims Processing Companies Globally

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Sharkhelpers offers bilingual virtual assistants in different areas of support for an e-commerce company. We support customers all the time to guarantee that the learning process is not a burden, and also that the VA is complying with its responsibilities. Each customer has a project manager following the process every week, identifying opportunities for improvement, and being a mediator in the relationship with the VA.

Today, we’re excited to announce that we’re listed as a top company on The Manifest, a company blog and listing service. According to them, we’re among the most-reviewed claims processing companies in the world.

“This award means that our service is well rated and our effort and care in covering the whole talent management cycle ensure the best customer experience in the process of scaling a team. We are saving time and money in the process of finding, hiring, and managing a professional workforce in Colombia, and we are proud of having as customers a selected group of e-commerce leaders.

Our partnership means growing opportunities for all the stakeholders. We are able to provide meaningful careers to talented professionals and they can build stable teams with top employees. Working together also means creating genuine human interactions and positive workspaces to boost their companies’ growth.”

— CEO, Sharkhelpers

Our team’s years of collective experience allow us to produce remarkable results. To be the recipient of this award demonstrates our commitment to providing quality services.

Startup Slang is a Web3 e-commerce agency that partnered with us for recruitment solutions. This came at a time when they were finding it challenging to hire new, capable talents. They worked closely with us to write out the job description for each of the roles they needed to fill.

“In the past two months of working with them, we’ve been able to recruit amazing, top-quality candidates who have contributed greatly to our company. In fact, we’ve even referred some of their candidates to our own clients and partner agencies.

Sharkhelpers has been tremendously helpful. Our agency has become more productive and efficient since taking them on. It’s just been a real pleasure.”

— Tom Cobb, Head of Project, Startup Slang

Thank you to Tom and his team for sharing this wonderful feedback. Find out more about our notable work by browsing through the newest list on The Manifest.

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