Let´s do something GREAT together!!!

We provide services with from Colombia to world.

Sharkhelpers is a company focused on virtual assistant services to eCommerce businesses. We provide opportunities for local professionals to develop their careers assisting ecommerce store owners to increase their productivity. Our parent company outsource software development services, so, our collaborators are immersed on a technical community. Our assistants are bilingual, and are constantly trained to meet the industry standards.

Our experience working with Amazon & Ebay Stores gave us the skills and knowledge to implement a talent adquisition process to outsource bilingual ecommerce virtual assistants. 

Paula Tellez
CEO / Founder

Environmental scientist and entrepreneur.

Pablo Velasquez
CTO / Founder

Serial TechEntrepreneur and aspirant change maker.

Diana Naranjo

Financial and human resources.

Let´s do Something GREAT together

We  help you to gain efficiency performing your ecommerce related tasks,  so you and your team can stay focused on growing your business.

Helpers that are currently helping a Shark

Our team is specialized in e-commerce tasks.

We have a production office in South America, where we get excellent talent bilingual and experienced in customer support and special tasks on e-commerce businesses in general.


Bachelor Degree on Foreign lenguages, fluent in english
and experienced in customer support on ecommerce stores. Excellent communication skills as an asset to perform ecommerce tasks.


Bachelor Degree on Foreign lenguages, Fluent in english and french.

Skills in data management and customer support, experienced on Ebay and Amazon. .


Catalina is a professional with 2 years of full bilingual experience, strengths like management and customer support, are important assets to respond effectively to their projects daily requests.