We are e-commerce specialists

Our virtual assistants are bilingual and have been trained to understand the basics of Amazon and eCommerce businesses. We are specialists in nurturing bilingual and eCommerce talent and managing outsourced VA´s for customers in different marketplaces.
Our goal is to simplify the experience of hiring qualified and tested virtual assistants through our own process of talent acquisition.

Basic bilingual VA

Junior profiles from our network

Students and graduates from modern languages

English tested

Basic task tested

Amazon bilingual VA

Junior profiles from our own Amazon Academy

Students and graduates from Modern Languages

30 hr program with the basics on Amazon platform and business model


Let´s do Something GREAT together

We  help you to gain efficiency performing your ecommerce related tasks,  so you and your team can stay focused on growing your business.

Helpers that are currently helping a Shark

We provide services with from Colombia to world.

We have a production office in South America, where we get excellent talent bilingual and experienced in customer support and special tasks on e-commerce businesses in general.



Bachelor Degree on Foreign lenguages, fluent in english and experienced in customer support on ecommerce stores. Excellent communication skills as an asset to perform ecommerce tasks.



Bachelor Degree on Foreign lenguages, Fluent in english and french.

Skills in data management and customer support, experienced on Ebay and Amazon.



Catalina is a professional with 2 years of full bilingual experience, strengths like management and customer support, are important assets to respond effectively to their projects daily requests.

experienced and ready to start growing your stores

We are the helpers that allow Sharks like You to growth

Ecommerce stores are complex and beyond the automations, there is a lot of core task that as an owner you have to perform. In Sharkhelpers we have specialized virtual assistants to help you, so you can concentrate on making your business grow.

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Your own dedicated E-commerce Virtual Assistant from $10 USD / Hour

Work together means:

  • Allocate better your time and resources- Get more free time.
  • Reduce your operating cost and get experienced collaborators.
  • Increase the productivity of your e-commerce store.
$10 / Hour
Dedicated assistant
Full or part time
Any time zone

* Our team is specialized in e-commerce tasks.

Why should you hire our shark helpers?



We have been working for 5 years helping to grow the  store and performing tasks like: inventory management, order receiving, ordering automation, suppliers payments, payment reconciliation, emails automation and amazon fba processes. We help increase the client workers for the high work demand on the holiday season and maintain 24 hours teams on a regular basis.


Our team along with our software company helped pure digital become one of the biggest ebay sellers with over 500k items listed on multiple stores and a high volume of sales.

We provide eCommerce operational tasks on the 5% of orders flow that can’t be automated.